Opportunities for Advancement

There are several organizations both here and in Lithuania that offer both career and educational advancement:

Global Lithuanian Leaders (Lithuania)

GLL is a non-profit association for professional individuals that identify with Lithuania and care about its future.

GLL coordinates and promotes collaboration between individuals from all over the world by providing virtual access to a very real community of businesspersons, scientists, government officials, civil servants, scholars, and artists—all of whom identify with Lithuania in some way.

Registered participation in GLL provides access to elite professional connections, as well as priority access to Lithuanian consuls and communities around the world, invitations to private events, and involvement in programs sponsored by GLL partners.


PLJS - Pasaulio Lietuvių Jaunimo Sąjunga

Founded in 1972, the Lithuanian World Youth Association brings together International Lithuanian Youth organizations, acts as a medium for important information regarding educational, cultural, and professional opportunities for the Global Lithuanian Network, and is a platform to represent their positions at the Governmental and Non-governmental institutions at the National and International level.


Internship Programs:

We Connect Lithuania

Youth program “We Connect Lithuania” offers 6 weeks immersive professional and volunteering experience in Lithuanian-based companies, leading startups, public sector and social enterprises. The program creates opportunities to establish personal and professional connections. Participants will engage with distinguished Lithuanian leaders from business, technology, politics and philanthropic organizations on a broad range of topics.




Lithuanian International Student Services provides US and Canadian university students internships in Lithuania targeting their major fields of study









Lietuviu Fondas (The Lithuanian Foundation)

The Lithuanian Foundation believes that students who are active in their community are developing leadership skills that will benefit them and those around them in the future. The Foundation concentrates its resources on those students who have demonstrated an involvement and volunteerism in the Lithuanian community or in the community at large.  As such, the Lithuanian Foundation strives to ensure the continuity of the Lithuanian culture and traditions by contributing to the development of future leaders in the Lithuanian community.


The Lithuanian Foundation grants scholarships (up to $5,000) for one academic year at a time.  Applicants will need to submit applications each academic year in their degree program.


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