Our History

When JAVLJS was created, it was initially used to organize young Lithuanians in the United States to protest the brutal Soviet occupation of Lithuania and promote awareness of the cause to America and the United States Congress. ​It also held social events to retain the cultural identity of Lithuanian Youth in the Diaspora and was used to foster relationships and networking.

Our Mission

The advancement of the cultural identity of young people of Lithuanian descent. The promotion and education of the historical and present heritage among young people of Lithuanian descent. The support of public welfare, or religious, charitable, scientific, or educational endeavors, or other lawful endeavors consistent with the purposes listed herein. The presentation and dissemination the general public facts about the conditions in Lithuania both today and under the unlawful rule of all occupations. To ensure the continued independence of the sovereign Republic of Lithuania, and to promote equality and civil rights of all its people. The emphasis and promotion of civic responsibility among young people of Lithuanian descent, and other Lithuanian persons and associations throughout the United States and abroad.


Our Goals

JAVLJS’s goal is to unite Lithuanian youth in the United States and encourage engagement in the Lithuanian community.


This will be accomplished by sharing and informing young people of the resources available to them, spreading information about community events occurring, and fostering individual and community growth.


By building a social network, we hope to promote development for members educational and professional development as well as civic responsibility and activism.  


We aspire to act as the national representative of many local chapters as the voice of Lithuanian-American youth in both national, and international affairs.

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